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Welcome to pneumerology.com

My name is Dean Kisling and this website is about my art.  There are samples of my music, writing, and fractal art here.

My third person bio goes something like this…  Dean Kisling is a high school dropout who learned to type when he was 47.  He has been a soldier, laborer, taxi driver, farm hand, welder, carpenter, musician, acupressurist, mountaineer, trail runner and fool.  He writes what happened and also makes stuff up.  He lives in America and is very happily married…

You can find and read my fiction and essays by clicking on their respective pages.  Some of my fiction has also been collected in a FREE ebook… get the SmashWords edition by clicking the image below.

Harmless - and other headlong stories

Gravity REVOLTS against mankind!  A CHICKEN comes home to roost… with a VENGEANCE!  Ahab haunts the HIGH seas of MODERNITY!  Discover the HORRORS of ACTUARIAL SCIENCE and the tattered SHREDS of ancient SECRETS!  Thrill to the GHOSTS, mad COWS and COFFEE fueled hallucinations!


Liars' League

Two of my stories have been performed by the Liars’ League  in London.  Video of those stories can be found here and hereWashing the Dead got a nice review


Another story (Forgetfulness) became the beginning of a novel that is still in progress.  The original short story was included in the YA paperback anthology Finding Home published in December 2011.

from Daniel Donahoo’s review of Finding Home at Wired.com

“…this book is a gorgeous collection of speculative fiction that puts more  hope into post-apocalyptic writing than I have ever seen.”

Finding Home